joi, 14 iunie 2012

Amazing budapest

Budapest - Pearl of the Danube

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. Situated in the eastern-central Europe, Budapest is one of the most important railway junction.
The city is divided in two parts by the Danube: Buda and Pesta.
The great architecture, the old buildings which are very well preserved urges you to simply walk around the whole city. If you visit Budapest remember to visit The Treasury street, The Gentleman street, The Roman Ruins, Margareta Bridge, Freedom Bridge, Dohany Synagogue, Andrei Hess Square, The Palace of Parliament, The labyrinth of the Buda Castle, and one of the many museums that are opened all around the city.
The capital of Hungary also prides with two botanic gardens, and one zoo. To visit all the landmarks, you will need a few days, bud it worth the effort.
In Budapest you can go by plane, the city has a airport, by train, car or water (The Danube).
Also the city has a lots of hotels, motels or hostels.

duminică, 5 februarie 2012

Traveling to Boston

Foto 1
Look at this picture above and you will understand the reason  because Boston City is my main target. I want to  travel   away from my country and live  one   week even in this amazing City.  Therefore  , I  will make  some efforts for touch my dream. I see myself making the trip in a cruise throughout the month. I want that dream come true and to go on a cruise ship with all the necessary conditions of absolute relaxation. Then I get a decent room at a hotel and meet beautiful women and spend a dream week. In return I want to fly at  Business class in a plane  and can see the world from the sky

duminică, 2 octombrie 2011

All set for season 37

With a keen eye on the past and on the future, the Philippine Basketball
Association unwraps its
37th season with great excitement and high expectations Sunday at 
the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

PBA officials are looking forward to another banner season, 
hoping to ride the success of the
2010-2011 campaign and the energy injected by Smart Gilas in the sport.

Curtains rise for the 37th PBA season Sunday with the league 
inducting a fourth batch of esteemed
individuals into the Hall of Fame to highlight an extravaganz 
 of lights, songs and dances.

Alvin Patrimonio, Billy Ray Bates, Freddie Hubalde, Tommy Manotoc, 
Mariano Yenko, Tito Eduque and
Bobong Velez will be elevated into the Hall, preceding a lone opening-day  
match pitting crowd
darling Barangay Ginebra versus Rain or Shine.

League officials, meanwhile, took into consideration the future in  
announcing continued partnership
with Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas insofar as participation in 
elite international tournaments is

PBA chairman Mamerto Mondragon and commissioner Chito Salud said they’re  
looking at a 16-man pro
pool that they would make available for the national team.

“We have to sit down with SBP on this. We have to know their plans for the  
next two years. But
definitely, we’re willing to make available players for the national team, 
” said Salud during
the media launch of the 37th PBA season at Diamond Hotel Wednesday. 

“That would answer the concern of fans and both the SBP and the PBA. 
We still have a lot of room
to improve and we’re taking small steps to go there,” Salud added.

The league chair believes the PBA would benefit from the impact  
made by Smart Gilas in its
fourth-place finish in the recent FIBA Asia championship.

“Undoubtedly, the success of Smart Gilas brings basketball higher to the  
consciousness of the
fans. The entry of Gilas players to the PBA will energize the PBA,” said  

No less than eight Smart Gilas players brings their act to the pro loop,  
including top draft pick JV
Casio and No. 4 draft selection Marcio Lassiter for Powerade.

A major overhaul of its lineup has made Powerade officials hopeful of a  
higher finish in the coming season.

“It’s obvious that we have a better team now. And the hunger factor 
 is also there. Our team has
not been into the playoffs in the last two to three years,” said  
Powerade alternate governor
Kenneth Duremdes.

The consensus is that Talk n Text, B-MEG, Petron and Alaska are the teams to reckon with while
Powerade, Rain or Shine, Meralco and Barako Bull can be darkhorses.

Ginebra official Robert Non said the Kings “will continue to be the  
never-say-die team that will
earn gate receipts for the league.”

Others had their prognosis.

“(Winning) two conferences out of three last season was not bad.  
It could have been dramatic.
We’ll try again this season with Japeth Aguilar joining us after a two-year  
wait. We’re looking
forward to a great season,” said Talk n Text’s Patrick Gregorio.

“We can’t be modest because we really have a strong lineup.  
The Llamados are llamado this
season,” said B-MEG governor Rene Pardo, brimming with confidence  
on the return of Kerby Raymundo,
Rico Maierhofer and Rafi Reavis plus the addition of Mark Barocca  
and John Ferriols.

“The guys have yet to fully adapt into coach Tim Cone’s triangle offense. 
 But even if it bogs
down, I think talent alone can bring us to the championship,” Pardo added. 

“We hope to be in the Finals,” said Mondragon whose team has yet to make it  
past the semis in all its first six seasons in the pro league.

“We’ve learned a lot and we expect a greater level of passion and ambition,”  
said Meralco
governor Ramon Segismundo.

“We have modest target. We’ll be happy to at least make the semis 
 and let’s see from there,” said Barako Bull’s Manny Alvarez. 

The PBA takes a new leaf with a new TV coveror in ABC-5 and a new member  
ball club in’s lady governor Sheila Lina said she would be happy to  
see her team play with its best in each game.

ABC-5, meanwhile, promised a more extensive, vibrant coverage to be shown  
over IBC-13.

A refined format that calls for knockout matches to decide important  
ties – lessening the use of
quotient in the process – could well add excitement and thrill to the  
new season featuring 22 rookies and 19 old faces in their new teams. 
Source : 

I Gotta Feeling for the PBA
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Have the time of your life with AKTV…. The new home of the PBA!
Promo is open to Smart, Globe and Sun subscribers within Metro Manila only from October 2 to 19,
2011. One (1) raffle entry per text, P2.50 for Smart and Globe subscribers, P2.00 for Sun
subscribers. Per DTI-NCR no. 7241 series of 2011.


I love this competition

luni, 13 iunie 2011

Barcelona's women

Travelling trought the United States

The car  stopped. I fell in front of a hotel with a female name. Olivia plaza's name. I was impressed by his position but did not spend the night there because it was too expensive for me. All I wanted was a roof over my head for a night. Nothing more. It was still early and we had enough time to look for the host. I had forgotten night in Barcelona when it had booked itinerary. So it is that I did not know where I'll stay the night. A guy playing the guitar at a street corner some Latin American songs. I stopped a few minutes to listen and I liked what I heard. I heard a few choruses of Gipsy
king and this also liked.But what I saw was a woman on motorcycle.I invited her on the back, but I could not accept because of the baggage. In addition, I would not want anything to happen to me, not knowing the language and the people there. Although a few sentences I could tie. I caught a little of the Spanish soap operas when I was little. But as with English, I can not express. All going on side-streets, I was hungry so I stopped to eat something. I did not know if I order something traditional or regular food order.But the waitress helped me with filling and relatively inexpensive menu choose it for me. I ate quietly for an hour, watch people who were most tourists. Finally when we ordered dessert, a lady came by my side. He sat down and tried to chat with me. I answered in English when she said "hola. " But she continued to speak to me in Spanish. I did not understand still he said because he spoke quickly enough for me, but I understood that it was available to me. NO I replied briefly, and then said "no Abla espaniola". She finally left, but I probably left thinking that prostitution is rife worldwide. It was my fault that I don't left things at a hotel because I looked like a tourist drawing attention to myself.

duminică, 12 iunie 2011

Travelling through the United States

If I want to travel by plane, I definitely took a low cost air ticket but I wanted a long journey on boat. So, I flew by plane with ticket won in a contest, up to Barcelona. I boarded here two days later on a ship will go into transatlantic cruise. I don't flew with the plane until, so was an interesting moment for me. I felt like I flew with own wings. In time when I were in barcelona I visited the statue of Christopher Columbus and the largest aquarium in the Mediterranean. I liked some things I discovered along the way such as customs of the people, their clothing, Barcelona as a city organization. Usually i am interested in talking to strangers because in this way discover the opinions, lifestyles, international joke, and is a way to express myself and develop my vocabulary easier. We had a small problem with boat boarding , but I'll talk about it later

luni, 3 ianuarie 2011

About me

Welcome guest! My name is Nicusor Adrian and I am a boy from romania. I do not know English very well that's why I put in my mind to write a blog in this language. "Exercise is teaching mother", Romanian proverb that says.I am a simple man perhaps too simple for this world advanced. I have 22 years and I have a great desire to change something in my life. So far are not satisfied with the life that I had, and they usually have people in Romania. That's why I want to leave here. And I'll leave when I feel it. The destination would be the most interesting is American space. Although there's no place like home, but  in my current house is too much poverty. Here you can not make money without having money. An employee's ordinary wage is approximately $ 300
given that a pair of jeans cost $ 30. Life here is very heavy and offers almost no opportunities so if you want to buy a car even at second hand need to save for two or even three years this means you never get care for yourself. And no one car will not be too expensive and not too modern and very high fees for her. It would be more difficult to say about living here but I stop here and I hope one day to succeed I get to see the dream land called America. New York is the destination that I would want to go then I'd like to see at least one match live Boston Celtics basketball team. Although I'll be sorry that I will not be able to see in action Ray Allen and Paul Pierce my favorites. So let me fulfill this dream I will share some of my thoughts and my dreams still unfulfilled.